Good buildings... successful projects... long-term relationships... result from close collaboration among client, architect and community. Penza Bailey Architects is led and staffed by seasoned professionals who understand complex building technologies and who share a vision for the shape of tomorrow.

  • Daniel L. Bailey, AIA

    Daniel L. Bailey, AIA

    “The best architects share an innate ability to harmonize the interaction between person and place, within the context …

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  • Jeffrey A. Penza, AIA, LEED AP

    Jeffrey A. Penza, AIA, LEED AP

    “The most effective spaces for living are those that reflect the personality of the owner. I look for something, no…

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  • Laura Thul Penza, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

    Laura Thul Penza, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

    “A thoughtful renovation can ignite community pride and trigger area-wide revitalization. We proactively participate...

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  • Ryan Behneman

    Ryan Behneman

    Intern Architect

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  • Kathryn Kemp

    Kathryn Kemp

    Office Manager

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  • Cynthia Stuber

    Cynthia Stuber

    Marketing Director

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  • Adam Read, AIA

    Adam Read, AIA

    Project Architect

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