Get To Know Dan Bailey

Mr. Bailey was asked a variety of questions, here are his replies.

PBA Project I am most proud of:

Shiloh Baptist Church

Colleges I've attended and degrees earned:

Iowa State University

Morgan State University

One thing I like about working at PBA:

The people, especially, great partners

Architectural influences:

Elial and Eero Saarinen

Time of day I'm most creative:


One thing that would improve our city:

Better planned mass transit system

My dream home:

Ocean front house on the beach with no yard to tend and no leaves to rake

Car, bike or bus:


Top 3 travel destinations:


Galapagos Islands: have this in the planning with Sasha

Back to visit Russia with Sasha


Woodworking, Music, Golf

Favorite hangout spot:

The golf course, My house

An award I've won:

“Community Architect of the Year” was very meaningful to me;

Fondest childhood memory:

Wow, your asking a lot to go back 50+ years;  My favorite memories are spending time at my Aunt’s and Uncle’s summer cottage on Fisherman’s Island located in the Great South Bay south of Long Island.  There was no electricity (kerosene lamps), no running water (had to hand pump water from the outside wells), no bathrooms (outhouses), slept in the old fishing crew’s bunk houses, no cars (only wooden docks and paths that gave us splinters galore), we fished or went clamming for our meals, we played hide and seek in the creosoted fishing net barns, always got poison ivy, BUT HAD THE GREATEST TIME.

Favorite restaurant:

Romanelli’s in NJ - not because it is a 4-star restaurant (though it has good food and service) but because this was Sasha’s and Deb’s go to place on the Jersey Shore.

Preferred radio station:

News Type: NPR

Music: Change often, but often just have Sirius “Watercolors” (Smooth Jazz) in the car

Pets/animals I own:

2 cute but cantankerous cats: Butterscotch and Tangy

Favorite nonprofit:

Manna House, Inc.

Hidden talent:

I play a number of instruments but only for my own pleasure, solace, and stress-reliever

My (past or present) nickname:

Pre-school: Red (my father was called Red and the older folks just followed suit)

Adolescent: Past: Danny (my cousins still call me Danny)

Present:  Dan

Obscure facts about me is:

I’m part Cherokee.

I was born in a snowstorm in Alaska.

I wrestled for the Gold Medal Olympian, Dan Gable while at Iowa State

My most unusual job was:

Taking very old military veteran nursing home residents on wheelchair walks around the nursing home property.  Summer Job when I was 14.

Running a sheet metal press in a factory when I was 21; Very dangerous machinery; had to cross the angry picket lines and was followed after work.

My favorite volunteer project:

Personal:  Ongoing work for Manna House; work with Big Brother when I was younger;

Professional:  Work with AIA Maryland legislation has been rewarding;

Favorite building in Baltimore:

Historic: Lovely Lane Methodist Church – unbelievable inside; but of course, I’m biased.

Mid-20th Century:  Mies Van der Rohe’s apartment building on North Charles St.

Current:  Not too impressed with a lot of current work, but Ziger Snead’s Brown Center is impressive; Benishe/ASG’s Angelos Law Center interior is impressive

Favorite building(s):

Currently, I admire Calatrava’s work

That honesty, integrity, and trust are the indestructible threads that bind our professional and personal lives.  I certainly love doing what I do, but I truly believe that it is not Architecture that defines me, but that I have served well, allowed kindness and fairness to guide my personal and professional relationships, shared my knowledge with those generations behind me, and used the talents for which I have been blessed toward good.

This I hope is reflected in the work I do.

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