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2D0V0778-2Mr. Penza was asked a variety of questions, here are his replies. Do you have a question for Jeff?

PBA Project I am most proud of:

401 Woodbourne Avenue – we were Developer and Architect, involved with all facets of the project, including creative financing. I believe that we did a great job of balancing the aesthetic, practical & financial sides of the project.

Colleges I've attended and degrees earned:

University of Cincinnati, Bachelor of Architecture1982.

One thing I like about working at PBA:

Being surrounded by a talented fun group of people – people I consider my family.

Architectural influences:

Quite a few architects, including those I worked for – from FLW to Richard Meier – they all have one thing in common – the ability to create strong design concepts, and an extraordinary ability for detail.

Time of day I'm most creative:

In the mornings, while I work out, I always get a ton accomplished! And yes, I also do lots of scheming in the shower and when cutting the grass!

One thing that would improve our city:

A more comprehensive and user-friendly public transportation system – all great cities have strong transit systems.

My dream home:


Car, bike or bus:

Definitely a CAR, and a fast and sleek one at that!

Top 3 travel destinations:

Rome, Greece, Chicago


Far too many to list, but mostly related to the outdoors.

Favorite hangout spot:

Our boat – the one place I truly relax & get away from it all.

Hidden talent:

I just can’t keep a secret – so I can’t hide anything.

An award I've won:

6th Grade vocal solo. Really!

Fondest childhood memory:

Great vacations on various lakes with my family.

Favorite restaurant:

Bagby Group trilogy – 1010, Bagby Pizza, Fleet Street Kitchen

Preferred radio station:


Pets/animals I own:

Been there, done that – I can’t do that again!

Favorite nonprofit:


Hidden talent:

See above

My (past or present) nickname:

The Hulk – don’t ask…

One obscure fact about me is:

See above

My most unusual job was:

Working at my uncle’s funeral home.

My favorite volunteer project:

Rotary Baltimore Tree Planting – this was an idea I implemented after getting the tip from the International Rotary Convention in Singapore.

Favorite building in Baltimore:

I am fond of many, but they all have strong design concepts (100 East Pratt, 600 East Pratt, the Former Blue Cross – Blue Shield Building in Towson (even though it looks like crap now!).

Favorite building(s):

Fallingwater – I just can’t believe how much that building inspires me!

What I've learned most about architecture…

Architecture truly can improve the lives of others


it’s fragile


they require constant nurturing


they keep me learning

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