Get To Know Kathryn Kemp

Kathryn KempMs. Kemp was asked a variety of questions, here are her replies.

Colleges I've attended and degrees earned:

Roberts Wesleyan: Masters of Strategic Leadership

Madaille College: Bachelors of Business Administration

One thing I like about working at PBA:

The fantastic employees

Time of day I'm most creative:

2-4 AM

One thing that would improve our city:

Better streets: no potholes, uneven patches, rough roads

My dream home:

Loft overlooking water with pool, dock, private garden and 5 car garage

Car, bike or bus:


Top 3 travel destinations:

Fiji, Machu Picchu, Iceland


Eating, Drinking & Carrying On

Favorite hangout spot:

Places with fun/interesting people or scenery

Hidden talent:

I use to play the bagpipes

An award I've won:

Leadership awards from peers/direct reports/professors/supervisors

Fondest childhood memory:

Summers at 1000 Islands

Favorite restaurant:

Eleven Madison Park - NYC

Preferred radio station:

Pandora - programmed with all genres of music depending on my mood

Pets/animals I owned:

English bulldogs; Tarantula

Favorite nonprofit:

Lawyers for Learning

My (past or present) nickname:

Grandma Kitty or GKat

One obscure fact about me is:

I have traveled to 18 different countries

My most unusual job was:

Operating a 350 ton capacity all terrain crane with 200 FT boom length

My favorite volunteer project:

Lawyers for Learning - teaching children to read

Favorite building in Baltimore:

Law Center at University of Baltimore

Favorite building(s):

Eiffel Tower, The Colosseum, Notre Dame, The Vatican, Chrysler Building, Golden Gate Bridge

What I've learned most about architecture…life…friendships…coworkers…

Architecture is primarily about people and personal relationships; the designs reflect individuals

Life - Time passes quickly, make sure you do something today that gets you closer to where you want to be tomorrow

Friendship - Success lies in 3 simple words: please, thanks and sorry. Courtesy, gratitude & contrition enhance relationships.

Colleagues - How you make someone feel about themselves says a lot about you.

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