Get To Know Paulina Beeche

Ms. Beeche was asked a variety of questions, here are her replies.

PBA Project I am most proud of:

Grove Park Elementary School

Colleges I've attended and degrees earned:

Universidad de Valparaiso, Chile Bachelor of Architecture

One thing I like about working at PBA:

The respect and the value to employee needs.

Architectural influences:

Antoni Gaudi (Spain), Teodoro González de León (Mexico), and Christian de Portzamparc (France)

Time of day I'm most creative:


One thing that would improve our city:

Better Schools

My dream home:

My dream home would be at the beach, since I grew up at the Pacific Ocean, with the morning light in the kitchen and a big sunset view.

Car, bike or bus:


Top 3 travel destinations:

Venice, Barcelona, London


Rug making

Favorite hangout spot:

Any of my friends' houses

Hidden talent:

I have written novels.....I haven't finished them yet.

An award I've won:

In poetry, in school

Fondest childhood memory:

Me and my sister playing house in the dunes of Chile. Every succulent plant had a purpose. Also, exploring the woods with friends.

Favorite restaurant:

Still to be discovered

Preferred radio station:

NPR & 101.9

Pets/animals I own:

a cat

Favorite nonprofit:

St. Jude's

Hidden talent:

I am very flexible

My (past or present) nickname:


One obscure fact about me is:

I snore

My most unusual job was:


My favorite volunteer project:

An open kitchen for poor children in my city, Vina del Mar while I was in 11-12 grade

Favorite building in Baltimore:

Don't know the name

Favorite architectural work:

Parc Guell in Barcelona & Fallingwater & Museo Rufino Tamayo in Mexico City

What I've learned most about architecture…life…friendships…coworkers…

Kindness to others, especially when you feel unkind.

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