Get To Know Ryan Behneman

ryan behneman-307x461Mr. Behneman a variety of questions, here are his replies.

PBA Project I am most proud of:

Helmer Residence

Colleges I've attended and degrees earned:

The Savannah College of Art and Design

BFA Architecture with a Minor in Architectural history

M Arch (Professional Master of Architecture 4.0 GPA)

One thing I like about working at PBA:

The thing that I like the most is the challenging mix of new project types. Nothing ever seems rote, and I learn something new every day.

Architectural influences:

Louis I Kahn

And a number of contemporary critical regionalists the short-list being:

Olson Kundig

Marlon Blackwell

Brian Mackay Lyons

Kieran Timberlake

Time of day I'm most creative:

I get my best ideas in the shower first thing in the morning.

I do my best work after I’ve had my coffee.

One thing that would improve our city:

Provide trashcans at the bust stops. There is no food allowed on the bus so it ends up on the ground where it becomes food for vermin, or trash in the harbor. Perhaps it seems too simple, but I think it would do wonders to improve the appearance of our city.

I’m also a big advocate for more street trees, and urban forests in general. Plant more trees. Convert vacant lots to micro-parks and community gardens.

My dream home:

A cabin built as a piece of casework within a shipping container, cantilevered off of a mountainside with a spectacular view. Bonus if it’s off-the-grid.

Car, bike or bus:

Bike is always preferred weather and safe route permitting.

Top 3 travel destinations:

New Orleans, Louisiana

Savannah, Georgia

Nashville Tennessee


Playing bass guitar, Riding bikes, Working on my 82 VW Rabbit

Favorite hangout spot:

Oriole Park at Camden Yards

Hidden talent:

I worked for a number of years as a professional chef. As a result, I’m a pretty good cook.

An award I've won:

A walled garden assembly space that I worked on in Savannah, GA prior to moving to Baltimore won an AIA GA Merit award.

Fondest childhood memory:

Chanting “EDDIE EDDIE” at Memorial Stadium.

Going crabbing with my granddad on the bridge over the creek by his house.

Favorite restaurant:

The Golden West Cafe

Preferred radio station:


Pets/animals I own:

A Boston terrier named Stella

An Orange tabby cat named Cal Ripken Jr. Jr.

Favorite nonprofit:

Neighborhood Design Center Inc.

My (past or present) nickname:

They always seem to involve alternate versions of my last name. Though none have ever stuck, nor do any seem memorable enough to mention.

One obscure fact about me is:

I repeated Kindergarten, because I wrote with both hands.

My most unusual job was:

Furniture delivery for an Asian antiques importer. Or, my first job was working on a Tobacco farm for my uncle. I can’t decide which was more unusual.

My favorite volunteer project:

During architecture school I volunteered at a community garden. It was very rewarding to see how excited the local children were when the realized how easy it was to grow food in their neighborhood.

Favorite building in Baltimore:

The new Angelos Law Center

Favorite building(s):

Yale Center for British Art by Lou Kahn

Buckhead Branch Library by Mack Scogin & Merrill Elam

What I've learned most about architecture…life…friendships…coworkers…

That what separates a great design from a good one has a lot more to do with rigor and iteration than it does genius.

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