• Greenview Knolls Elementary School

    Greenview Knolls Elementary School

    The renovation of Greenview Knolls Elementary School included the replacement of all HVAC equipment, the addition of fire sprinklers in the…

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  • Stony Run Quaker Meeting House

    Stony Run Quaker Meeting House

    The project involved a comprehensive analysis of site, facility, and program to develop the locations for three additions as well…

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  • Gymnasium Addition

    Gymnasium Addition

    One of the Archdiocese' largest parishes serves over 500 families in ten buildings on two sites. PBA's 20-year Master Plan…

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  • New Evangelic Center

    New Evangelic Center

    PBA assessed buildings and grounds campus-wide to cure code deficiencies. Programming studies determined "best use" scenarios and a Master Plan…

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  • Krieger Schechter Day School

    Krieger Schechter Day School

    Pre-school, elementary, middle, religious school learning and adult education activities are enhanced in this multi-purpose educational facility designed for ChizukAmuno…

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  • Eager Street Academy

    Eager Street Academy

    The new Youth Detention Center (YDC) is the first phase of a master plan for the redevelopment of the State…

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  • The Children’s Home

    The Children’s Home

    The Children’s Home provides residential care for “at risk” youth on its 40-acre campus. The entire campus underwent physical and…

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  • Maryland School for the Blind

    Maryland School for the Blind

    The firm completed an ADA assessment of 23 buildings on the 90-acre K-12 campus and issued a comprehensive report entitled…

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  • Stevens Forest Elementary School

    Stevens Forest Elementary School

    For an early 1970’s public school building, the firm is well underway with the design and documentation to execute a…

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  • Kenwood Complex

    Kenwood Complex

    The Kenwood Complex will undergo a comprehensive transformation including reprogramming to expand its existing operations and add Multimedia Technical Services…

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  • Old Court Middle School

    Old Court Middle School

    The full facility assessments and systemic modernization brought the 1960's middle school structure into full building and ADA code compliance.…

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  • Anne Arundel County Public Schools

    Anne Arundel County Public Schools

    Over 20 projects defines the firm's relationship with the Anne Arundel County K-12 Public School System under multiple, renewing on-call…

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  • St Gabriel Roman Catholic Church

    St Gabriel Roman Catholic Church

    The parish seeks to add a new Parish Hall to its Baltimore County Campus to respond to growing demand for…

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  • New Market Elementary School

    New Market Elementary School

    Constructed using radically different building technologies over 50 years in three separate phases, and nearly 40 years since the last…

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  • Ben Carson Reading Room

    Ben Carson Reading Room

    Ben Carson Reading Rooms is a program sponsored by the Carson Scholars Fund that seeks to create spaces the stimulate…

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  • Baltimore City Public Schools

    Baltimore City Public Schools

    20 years and over 200 projects defines the firm's relationship with the Baltimore City Public K-12 School System. Under multiple,…

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  • DCPS “Summer School” Design Builds

    DCPS “Summer School” Design

    Helping DC K-12 Public Schools consolidate student populations and repair decaying structures, under fast track, design build delivery, PBA reprogrammed…

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  • Burroughs Elementary School

    Burroughs Elementary School

    Comprehensive systemic modernization, updates for compliance with all building and accessibility codes and current DCPS Ed Spec and K-12 Education…

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  • Nalle Elementary School

    Nalle Elementary School

    Penza Bailey Architects, working with Waldon Studio, was responsible for full K-12 school modernization planning and design for the Nalle…

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