Greenview Knolls Elementary School

The renovation of Greenview Knolls Elementary School included the replacement of all HVAC equipment, the addition of fire sprinklers in the original section of the building, replacement of electrical systems and replacement of window and exterior door systems. ADA Modifications to the building included, restroom modifications, interior and exterior signage, and the modification of non-compliant doorways, sinks and counters. The HVAC replacement included all 3 air handlers, 14 fan coil units. 6 circulator pumps, 1 boiler and all of the original ductwork, ceiling tiles and some light fixtures. A hazardous material abatement was required in portions of the building. The project addressed the educational program and facility infrastructure needs to ensure appropriate temperature and humidity control. This project was a phased construction project equiring additional coordination to ensure that the educational program was not hampered during construction.