Knighton Parking Garage

The program called for the design of six levels arranged with two levels below grade and four elevated parking decks that would contain space for 300 cars. The garage is configured with a two-bay, side-by-side, single-threaded helix layout and houses a small operations office, toilet facility, cashiers’ booths, and gate control system.


The difficult site constraints resulted in a reinforced concrete slab, column, and beam structural system to accommodate the skewed property line geometry. Precast panels were selected for the wall panel system because of the ability to control the quality of the concrete in the factory, ease of erection in the field, durability, and low maintenance requirements. Segmented brick arches accentuate the openings over the garage entrance. Brick corbeling was used to highlight the precast concrete coping. Brick pilasters were used on the stair towers, building corners, and at the main vehicle entrance to emphasize verticality and break up the horizontal expression in the parking decks.