Maryland State Parks

Penza Bailey Architects works closely with the Maryland Department of General Services and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources to ensure that all visitors have an enjoyable time at the parks.

The 600-acre Smallwood State Park was not ADA compliant and accessible to all park visitors. Penza Bailey Architects enhanced the park by creating accessibilty to mini cabins, walk way trail at timber foor bridge to loop road, and route from campsites to shower building. Renovations to park facilities included, a comfort station, marina services building to meet ADA comliance, a shower building and campsites. Other site accessibilities included paving stripping and accessible parking, and gangway to floating pee

Tuckahoe State Park did not meet ADA guidelines. The existing comfort stations were constructed around 40 years ago and had not been renovated or upgraded since then. The facilities were showing signs of age and in poor design.  The bathhouses and comfort stations were renovated to to make them accessible to all users. A number of campsites became accessible, as well as a cabin and served Day-Use ameneties.

Susquehanna State Park did not meet ADA guidelines. The bathhouse roof structures required complete replacement with a new sustainable, well-insulated roof system: new roof structure; shingle roofing; downspouts and gutter; energy efficient clerestory window system. One of the most important features was the provision of new solar panels to meet the power needs of the renovated bathhouses. The septic and plumbing systems were evaluated for capacity and code compliance. Furthermore, This project enlarged and upgraded all the shower