MdTA Hawkins Point Maintenance Facility

The facility exists to service all Maryland State Highways, Toll Booth facilities, and Green Spaces. Three additional structures onsite include a material storage building, a hazard material storage shed, and a salt dome.

The configuration of the maintenance building was derived by analyzing the existing flows and relationships of MdTA’s vehicle maintenance and repair operations; proper separation and adjacency requirements; vehicle flow criteria and rate criteria; site access; storage and pickup operations; and staff functions: locker rooms, dispatch areas, 24/7 security, etc.

The building includes: truck bays, auto prep bays, wash bays, storage maintenance bays with vehicular access, electrical shop, carpentry shop, metal shop, welding shop, oil storage, storage rooms, staff tool and equipment cribs, large and small parts storage, break rooms, offices and meeting rooms, locker rooms, building mechanical and support spaces. The facility incorporates auto lifts, overhead cranes, oil dispensing systems, fuel dispensing systems, air compressor systems, and special exhaust systems.