Shadowlawn II

Shadowlawn I - At the age of 100, the estate home known as Shadowlawn was edited and preserved to meet the lifestyle needs of its new owner. The project earned an award from Baltimore Magazine and the American Institute of Architects, Baltimore Chapter. 15 years later, Shadowlawn’s new owner called to inquire as to why a photograph of his house was featured on the firm’s website. In that moment a relationship began that by every definition was an Architect’s dream.

Shadowlawn II - Today, at 120, following a restoration of extraordinary proportions, Shadowlawn is fully restored to - and probably surpasses - the exquisite detail of the original estate. The homeowner, his equally gifted craftsman father, and the family who shares this magical transformation could tell more stories than this space provides. From exhaustive research to replicate exterior colors and interior wallcoverings to the discovery of Items as obscure as a finial ornament found under piles of rubble in the barn that was reinserted into the original arch from which it was torn asunder, Shadowlawn will no doubt live to see the 200th anniversary of its founding.