St. Alphonsus Rodriguez Catholic Church

Penza Bailey Architects was reccomended by Total Site Constractors for the 7,191 sf interior renovation of St. Alphonsus Rodriguez Catholic Church. The design included Sanctuary Renovation, Pew Alterations & Replacement, Cosmetic upgrades to finishes, Replace Flooring, Electrical and Lighting Upgrades and ADA Compliance.

In addition to improving the interior aesthetics of the St. Alphonsus Rodriguez Church, the design challenge for this project was to improve the acoustics and lighting with new interior finishes on a very tight budget. The existing carpeting had muffled the sounds, and the dim lighting had made it difficult for parishioners to see well.

A new porcelain tile floor greatly improved acoustics. The existing pendant fixtures were replaced and new light fixtures were added. The walls, ceiling and structural elements were painted to accentuate the colors in the stained glass and help focus attention to the altar and the beautiful historic stained glass. The Crucifix was centered and statues relocated to become more important features. Accessibility wasimproved with a ramp to the altar and accessible doors, and new furnishings completed the successful transformation of the church interior.