TCH Operations & Training Center

The Children's Home provides residential care and social services for at-risk youth. The Operations & Training Center is designed to both service the complex and give area youth an opportunity for technical vocational "hands on" learning experiences.

The program for the single-story structure includes four vehicle service bays, a welding area, equipment and maintenance materials storage, a 1,700-square foot general work and carpentry shop with grounds equipment storage, men’s and women’s toilets, lockers and showers, a staff lounge, an office, and a “lofted” mechanical / storage mezzanine.

The shop and vehicle service area will be heated with energy efficient overhead radiant heat. The vehicle maintenance areas will be masonry construction for durability and the personnel areas and wood shop will be wood framed for flexibility and cost effectiveness. These different finish materials also allow for greater articulation and an opportunity to diversify the massing. This makes it a better compliment to the rest of the campus structures.