The Children’s Home

The Children’s Home provides residential care for “at risk” youth on its 40-acre campus. The entire campus underwent physical and environmental assessments. Buildings were evaluated for life safety and ADA code compliance. The Master Plan included strategies to expand existing programs, add new programs and to guide the plan for future growth. Staff, administrators and residents participated in focus groups.

The Diagnostic Center houses 16 females ages 8 to 15 and serves as the triage component of all campus services. Core operations are flanked by two “small houses”, each made up of 8 single-resident rooms. Reversing the trend toward housing “at risk youth” in boxes, each resident moves from an “individual space” toward a communal space through vibrant corridors crafted from durable, inexpensive materials. The “great room” employs heavy timber to support structure and transparently divide space. As a “secure” facility, the intent is to satisfy containment protocols without arresting the healing process.