The League for People with Disabilities

Since its founding in 1927, The League has modified existing programs and added new ones in a continuing effort to meet the needs of the disabled community in Maryland. The current facility, modified a number of times over the years, was originally built and expanded during the 1960’s. In recent years we provided design services for changes that have included the fitness center, the pool/shower/locker rooms, central toilet facilities and staff locker rooms, adult medical day care and more recently, a Master Plan.

The need for a Master Plan arose from a series of facility modifications that were being executed without consideration of the overall building plan. In order to continue its proud tradition as a leader in providing services to the disabled, The League engaged the firm to examine the existing facility and to devise a Master Plan for future development. The focus of the investigation involved entrances, circulation patterns within the building, parking and relocation of building functions such as conference rooms, office space and new space for vocational services.l