Youth Detention Center Design II

The BCDC Youth Detention Center (YDC), a 61,000 SF facility housing 60 detainees, is the first phase of a broad master plan for the State of Maryland’s Correctional Complex in Baltimore City (CCBC).  Located at the northeastern corner of the Correctional Complex campus , the facility comprises new construction and renovated areas formerly occupied by the Baltimore Pre Release Unit.  The new construction will be in place of the main facility of the Baltimore Pre Release Unit, which will be demolished for this project.  The areas to be renovated are part of a former warehouse building.


The YDC will be dedicated to providing housing and services for pretrial youths who are charged as adults.  Although the YDC is administratively a part of the Baltimore City Detention Center (BCDC), which houses all detained persons facing criminal charges originating in Baltimore City, the U.S. Department of Justice mandates site and sound separation of youth and adult populations.  The current facility housing pretrial youths is adjacent to areas housing adult and inadequately separated from them; the new YDC will provide mandatory sight and sound separation from adult populations.


As a dedicated pretrial facility for youths, the YDC will provide the extensive support services required of a juvenile population, including a full educational program operated by Baltimore City Public Schools.  The facility also includes medical and mental health geared toward the specific needs of a youth population.


The facility is designed to achieve LEED Silver certification.  A few of the integrated sustainable features include urban site selection and site density, reduction of water usage, a highly-efficient building envelope, high performance HVAC systems, efficient LED lighting sources, and recycled or readily renewable materials and finishes.