• Rug Gallery

    Rug Gallery

    The design for the Alex Cooper Auctioneers Rug Gallery space included renovating the north section of the building into space…

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  • Auction House

    Auction House

    The Alex Cooper Auctioneers Auction House renovations included comprehensive interior renovations of the entire building, in accordance with the Master…

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  • Bright Meadows Clubhouse

    Bright Meadows Clubhouse

    The Bright Meadows Clubhouse was one of several Clubhouses that Penza Bailey Architects designed for WPM Real Estate Management for their…

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  • River’s Crossing Clubhouse

    River’s Crossing Clubhouse

    The River’s Crossing Clubhouse was the first of several Clubhouses that Penza Bailey Architects designed for WPM Real Estate Management…

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  • Yorkewood Clubhouse

    Yorkewood Clubhouse

    The Yorkewood Clubhouse was one of several Clubhouses that Penza Bailey Architects designed for WPM Real Estate Management for their apartment…

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  • Law Office Expansion

    Law Office Expansion

    Penza Bailey was asked to design the renovations of an expanding law office in a four story existing building. The…

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  • RKK Engineers

    RKK Engineers

    Rummel, Klepper and Kahl asked us initially to prepare space plans and renovation documents for a much-needed expansion into a…

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  • Moton Government Center

    Moton Government Center

    The 1948 brick block building housed Carroll County’s Unified High School for African-American students until 1955, and then later served…

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  • InCap Financial Group

    InCap Financial Group

    InCap Group, a national investment management and securities brokerage firm, planned a strategic relocation from uptown to One South Street,…

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  • Alex Cooper Auctioneers

    Alex Cooper Auctioneers

    This renovation provides office, conference and support space for the Real Estate Division of Alex Cooper Auctioneers. The design takes…

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  • 401 Woodbourne Avenue

    401 Woodbourne Avenue

    A former post office building was converted for use as an ethnic supermarket before Penza Associates Architects laid claim in…

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  • 28 Walker Avenue

    28 Walker Avenue

    Located along a heavily populated commercial urban corridor at the intersection of Walker Avenue and Old Court Road in Pikesville,…

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  • The Family Tree

    The Family Tree

    Flagship headquarters for Maryland’s largest child abuse prevention organization, The Family Tree serves more than 13,000 individuals annually in every…

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  • The Family Place

    The Family Place

    A 19th-century police station and carriage house was adapted for Family Place community support center. Rescuing the blighted abandoned structure…

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    Recognized as a national model, MCRC HERO is one of only two such facilities funded in part by a Federal…

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  • Baltimore Behavioral Health

    Baltimore Behavioral Health

    Located within an inner-city historic neighborhood, Baltimore Behavioral Health provides community-based mental health services to ambulatory adults with addictions and…

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