In the 1950's this Chesapeake waterfront town was the premier destination for well-heeled Washingtonians trying to get out of town for a beach weekend. Following a period of decline, the town is emerging once again as a well-kept secret. The rebirth is focused on smart buildings and evocative, cutting edge sustainable design. A private developer came to the firm to position the project for marketability as a model for the town's new green agenda.

Initial studies offered a four story building, sited beginning a half level below grade on the ocean view side with a level of structured parking and building services tucked into the cuff of the opposite side. The second level would house 6,500 SF of multi-tenant retail and restaurant uses. Level 3 would house office condominiums. Levels 4 and 5 combine to house three very high end residential condominium units with a rooftop green terrace.