The Baltimore Youth Detention Center (YDC), a 65,000 SF facility housing 60 detainees, is the first phase of a broad master plan for the State of Maryland’s Correctional Complex in Baltimore City. The YDC is dedicated to providing housing and services for pretrial youths who are charged as adults.  The previous facility housing pretrial youths was adjacent to areas housing adult and inadequately separated from them. The new YDC provides mandatory sight and sound separation from adult populations.

Contained within the YDC, the Eager Street Academy, a 35,000 SF Education Facility, was coordinated with BCPSS and MSDE and has the capacity to serve 230 high school age inmates. It is in full compliance with secondary level PSCP-IAC K-12 Facility Guides and will incorporate Classrooms, Media Center, Administration, Health, Art, Science, Special Ed Resource, GED, Gym, Computer Lab, Occupational Lab, and Vocational Technology. 

The project was awarded LEED Gold. The YDC was completed by PBA in Joint Venture with PSA-Dewberry.