Prior to completion of the Statewide Master Plan, it was clear to DPSCS and the Planning team of Penza Bailey Architects, in association with Dewberry Architects, that there was a significant need to evaluate and redevelop the Baltimore City Correctional Complex. The PBA Team was engaged to provide a comprehensive planning effort for the Complex in order to complete the Statewide FMP properly. The planning effort included the following:

  • A substantive evaluation and analysis of each population component housed within the Complex, including bed space needs, transition and reentry factors, double celling issues, detention data, including ADP;
  • Evaluation of facility conditions, functions, inadequacies, and adjacencies;
  • Analysis of offsite expansion possibilities and available properties; and
  • Intricate analysis of phasing options, including renovation possibilities, temporary housing relocation and placement efforts, demolition implications, new construction scheduling; shifts in population demographics.