The SPCA underwent a major renovation and expansion to better serve the public and the animals in the community. The creation of a new area for adoption interviews, a waiting area, office space and two “animal showcases” for dog and cat housing of “long-timers” to promote their adoption. Construction of an animal intake center, separate from the adoption area, to provide improved areas for animals coming into the MD SPCA. It included space to assess animal behavior and completely separate dog and cat exam rooms. Expanded cat room, the addition increased the size of the cat room and provided more generous cat housing. The project included installing sprinklers throughout the entire facility. The new building is one level, removing the steps from the front of the current adoption center entrance and eliminating all steps within the interior of the building. This project also includes a green roof. Grounds have been programmed for patios near historic mansion to stage fundraising events, Donor Honorees “signature retaining wall”, walls and ledges to “sit upon”, outdoor lighting and landscaping