The VA Medical Center Building 80 project mission serves the mental health and readjustment needs of returning military and veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom / Operation Enduring Freedom (OIF/OEF). The design includes individual counseling rooms, large and small group therapy rooms, offices for counseling and medical professionals, family counseling areas, waiting and reception, and support spaces. The project required the complete modernization of the existing building and the provision of a 5000 SF addition. All building HVAC, electrical, telecommunication, and fire alarm and detection systems were upgraded or replaced. In addition, significant renovations were made to improve the facility’s energy efficiency, sustainability, and environmental quality in accordance with the VA Sustainable Design and Energy Reduction guidelines. Most importantly, patients, family, staff and visitors are served well by a healing and feel-good built environment through the careful integration of positive design elements such as scale, color, natural light, and creative detailing.