Penza Bailey Architects' VAMC experience includes 20+ years and 50+ projects including feasibility studies, modernizations and new buildings in Maryland, D.C., Delaware, Virginia, and New York. Projects include:

  • MRI Suites Acquisitions & Material Management Offices Renovation
  • Multi-Purpose Medical Conference Center Renovation
  • Angiography Area Renovation
  • Bio-Safety Lab 3 Renovation
  • Admissions Area Renovation
  • Engineering Shops Renovation
  • Nuclear Medicine and Dental Labs Renovation
  • Medical Records Facility Relocation
  • Medical Center Kitchen Modernization
  • Ambulance Entrance Replacement
  • 6 Building Roof Replacements
  • Window Replacements
  • Systemic Renovations
  • NICU improvements
  • Library Modernization Code and ADA Compliance Upgrades
  • As-Built Facility Documentation
  • New District Counsel Office Building 
  • Animal Research Facility Renovation