A former post office building was converted for use as an ethnic supermarket before Penza Associates Architects laid claim in 2000. The firm completely gutted to shell and reconstructed utilizing a “skewed grid” as the main organizing element. The loading dock was demolished and a “slash” was cut into the side of the building to create parking. The building program activated key components and set the stage for a future “kit of parts” expansion, including framing for a second skylight. Penza Associates Architects merged with Amos Bailey Arnold & Associates in 2007, forming Penza Bailey Architects, putting the “ready for expansion programming” theory to the ultimate test. Easily accommodating 20 staffers, the firm took full advantage of internal expansion programming to double capacity without increasing the footprint of the building. As planned, the technology infrastructure also expanded to meet increased capacity completely housed within the original ductwork and chase channel passageways, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of the sum of its former parts.