New Market Elementary School, located in New Market, Maryland, was constructed using radically different building technologies over 50 years in three separate phases, and nearly 40 years since the last intervention. The manner in which the building complex had grown resulted in a dense configuration of some program areas, open-plan type classrooms in other areas, and confusing circulation patterns throughout.

In three phases of site redevelopment, New Market Elementary School underwent additions at opposite ends of the school to add full day kindergarten and to expand the cafetorium. Through ten phases of interior reprogramming and redevelopment to comply with the K-12 Ed Spec, open plan classrooms were converted to enclosed classrooms, a new media center was integrated and the entire building received complete systemic modernization, window replacement and all new ceilings, floors and finishes. Total size: 88,983 SF.

Photo Credit: Brough Schamp Photography