Walter P. Carter/Lois T. Murray ES/MS
Padonia International Elementary School
Urbana High School
Stevens Forest Elementary School
Eager Street Academy
Walter P. Carter ES/MS Feasibility Study
Greenview Knolls Elementary School
Burroughs Elementary School
Baltimore City Public Schools
Nalle Elementary School
New Market Elementary School
Anne Arundel County Public Schools
Old Court Middle School
FCPS Safety Vestibules
DCPS “Summer School” Design Builds
New Evangelic Education Center
JHU Broadway Research Building
Ben Carson Reading Room
Maryland School for the Blind
Loyola / Notre Dame Library
JHU Homewood Campus
Howard University Health Sciences Library
Bethune Residence Hall
AOB Gymnasium Addition
Krieger Schechter Day School
Civil War Museum
Baltimore County Kenwood Complex
Rockwood Manor
Port Discovery Childrens Museum
Brookside Garden
Columbus Center of Marine Biotechnology