Dean Edward Miller, MD, calls the building “a modern manifestation of the Hopkins’ research imperative”. Penza Bailey Architects was responsible for coordinating all engineering disciplines and full time construction administration for a complex, integrated network of wet lab research and education functions. This work was completed in association with the principal architects, Payette Associates of Boston. The eight-story laboratory, academic instruction, and office structure houses specialty procedure rooms, an MRI and robotic cage wash equipment. These functions require HEPA-filtered air and a RODI (de-ionized) watering system. The ground floor level contains a series of seminar rooms, administrative offices and a loading dock. The plaza level integrates the Dean and administrators’ offices. The third through eighth floors house biological research labs, support equipment bays, research/teaching rooms, and research offices. In addition, the eighth floor houses a specimen aquarium. The labs are furnished with a modular bench system, laminar flow at the work surfaces, fume hoods, biological vent fume hoods and full gas, water and air terminals.